How does this help with my posture?

When worn correctly and consistently, Shophimynamestee shapewear can significantly reduce pain and improve posture. Shophimynamestee shapewear can be used for medical purposes and is recommended for individuals who suffer from scoliosis. The Shophimnamestee shapewear is designed to improve the curvature in the spine while reducing slouching and poor posture. Corsets are both flexible (which help with agility and mobility) and rigid (which help to maintain the body in an upright position thus promoting improvement with posture). 

Can I wear this when I’m pregnant?

Shophimynamestee strongly recommends consulting with your doctor before waist training during pregnancy. Waist trainers can put pressure on the abdomen which could lead to issues when developing the fetus. 

When will I see results?

To produce results wearing the Shophimynamestee shapewear not only requires consistency but diet and exercise as well to shape the body. Daily and accurate usage of the Shophimynamestee shapewear can lead to demonstrated results in as soon as two weeks. 

Can men wear these products?

Our products are non-binary and can assist anyone in achieving a thinner torso and weight loss when worn consistently and correctly. 

Do you ship overseas?

 International shipping is an option, but due to the rate of shipping and processing of the order, the cost will be higher than orders made domestically (within the U.S.) 

How long does shipping take? 

If the Shophimynamestee item is in stock that you are requesting then it will usually take 2-5 business days after the order has gone through processing. Due to the pandemic please keep in mind that there may be delays. Your shipping rates are calculated by USPS at the time of your check out depending upon your preference of either Priority Mail, Priority Express, or First Class Mail.

Does it squish your organs? 

A waist band gradually moves the organs in the body down in a safe way. Simultaneously it brings out the bottom or “floating” ribs in and closer together, resulting in a  cinched waist. Following surgery doctors prescribe these waist trainers to reduce inflammation, swelling, and to make sure skin is tightening in the correct areas. 

Can I wear it to bed? 

For best results we recommend wearing the Shophimynamestee waist trainers daily for short periods. The Shophimynamestee waist trainers should be worn between 8-10 hours a day for weeks to months to produce results. Diet and exercise assist in shaping the body. 

How do you know what size to get? 

To know which Shophimynamestee waist trainer fits you best we recommend measuring your waist. You can measure your waist one inch above your belly button size. When choosing a Shophimynamestee waist trainer, choose one that is 4 inches smaller than your regular waist size to achieve the “coke bottle” effect. We have included size charts with measurements on each product page to be used as a reference.