About us



With Shophimynamestee shapewear, the primary focus is to shape women’s minds, bodies and souls into their best selves internally and externally while embodying unapologetic, positive, self-love. 

We take pride in our shapewear. Maintaining a consistent schedule wearing your Shophimynamestee waist trainers in short periods, daily, can lead to a magnitude of results. While cinching, squeezing, and tightening do make a difference the results from the inside out are tremendous. 

Shophimynamestee shapewear can help with postpartum recovery, bad posture, back pain, promoting blood circulation in the waist, increasing the temperature of the waist and abdomen, while speeding up perspiration in your stomach. Overall these benefits achieve a better body-shaping effect.

Committed to finding the best quality product, Shophimynamestee offers shapewear specifically designed so that you can sleep comfortably, run errands, exercise, recover post-surgery, and alleviate back pain while creating the ideal structure for your waist and body. Shophimynamestee’s seamless designs are perfect for every occasion, giving that invisible snatch!

Our business has been operating for several years and we are happy to share with you reviews from our customers turned friends whose expectations we have exceeded! Satisfaction is the bare minimum; we strive for your appreciation through guaranteed results. 

Women empowering women is the basis of our foundation here at Shophimynamestee so we’d love to hear from all of you. Reach out to us on our socials below!